Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hazelnuts Are Good for You!
My iced hazelnut latte this morning sent me on a quest for other ways to use hazelnuts. The Nebraska Nut Growers offer these ideas for incorporating heart-healthy hazels and other nuts into your diet. Easy! 
  • Add to tossed salads
  • Stir-fry with vegetables or chicken
  • Blend into fruit shakes 
  • Use in stuffings 
  • Mix into pancake or waffle batter 
  • Add to rice dishes 
  • Add to cake or cookie batter
  • Encrust fish with chopped nuts and bake
  • Dip in melted chocolate

Hazelnut Oil
Pressed from hazelnuts, hazelnut oil is similar in composition to extra virgin olive oil and is high in Omega 9 and Omega 6 fatty acids, making it a healthy cooking option. It's very flavorful so start with a small amount and add according to your taste. Some good ways to use it? In salad dressing (try it with whole grain mustard, minced shallot, sherry and cider vinegar and salt and pepper) or drizzled over ravioli or avocados. Hazelnut oil also goes well with pumpkin – brush it over cut pumpkin before roasting or drizzle on pumpkin soup. – Nancy Evans, Nebraska Forest Service

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